Fraser Volunteer Association of Canada


Fraser Volunteer Association of Canada is a non-profit organization registered with the BC government, with the aim of helping individuals fully integrate into Canada's multicultural communities and providing extensive assistance programs and personalized services to those in need.


"Boundless" Art Charms Philanthropists; Fraser Volunteer Association Supports Community Healthcare

Richmond, November 5 — The Richmond Hospital Foundation was graced with a union of art and philanthropy at a charity dinner hosted by the Fraser Volunteer Association (FVA) of Canada. This event highlighted the deep connections between creative expression and community support.

The Fraser Volunteer Association (FVA), a vibrant non-profit organization based in Vancouver, orchestrated a successful visit to the Eighth Annual Indigenous Cultural Festival held in Barkerville, BC. A delegation of 23 volunteers traveled to the quaint town to immerse themselves in the local Indigenous culture and enjoy performances of traditional dances.

Vancouver, Canada, August 13, 2023 - The Canadian Fraser Volunteer Association (FVA) announced an exciting new cultural experience for Vancouverites: the Zibo BBQ Culture & Art Festival. A press conference was held at the North American Incubator in Richmond to unveil this gastronomic journey. FVA's President, Vickie Zhang, a Shandong-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, led the introduction.

On July 8, 2023,  at the end of the midsummer, the Fraser Volunteer Association in Canada proposes to the Chinese community to use self-driving travel to physically appreciate the beautiful scenery of the inland area of BC province, to journey through the unique old immigrant gold rush route with their hearts, and to experience the journey of indigenous culture.

On May 27, 2023, Mayor Mike Hurley's Food Bank Challenge received a strong response from the Fraser Volunteer Association. Under the leadership of Chairperson Vickie Zhang, this volunteer group has donated $1500 to assist low-income residents of Burnaby, including children and the elderly. Deputy Secretary-General Jason, representing the Fraser Volunteer Association, made this generous donation.

On April 15, 2023, Fraser Volunteer Association (FVA) President Vickie participated in a Volunteer Appreciation Gathering & Briefing organized by Burnaby North MLA Janet Routledge. 

FVA Participates in  Vancouver Vaisakhi Celebration

On April 15, 2023, the Fraser Volunteer Association (FVA) participated in the Vancouver Vaisakhi Celebration, one of the city's largest cultural festivals.



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